Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 258 Raw full updated

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Chap begins with Narrator explaining that after hitting 2 Black Flashes, Gojo constructed a special RCT circuit due to being in awakened state Sukuna was also supposed to regenerate all of his arms but due to Yuji’s 7 Black Flashes, he couldn’t regain his RCT output.

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Everything surrounding Sukuna starts to get slashed Narrator: Despite including uncertain elements and including binding vows, Ryomen Sukuna had replicated Malevolent Srhine without dropping its effective range or output after expereiencing the Black Flash

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Flashback. Hakari says it’s impt to learn RCT & countermeasures to domain for this fight Choso says if it’s about RCT, he & Yuji can manage somehow. Yuji wonders how

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Choso says his body allows him to convert his CE into blood & if Yuji consumes his remaining brothers, he can gain their CT & same properties as Choso (to be able to convert CE into Blood)

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So Choso asks Yuji to be paired with someone who can use RCT when they do the Body Swapping Training YUJI IS CONFUSED & UI UI REVEALS THAT WITH THE HELP OF HIS CT, HE CAN EVEN SWAP THE SOULS BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS!!

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YUJI USES β€œNEW SHADOW STYLE: SIMPLE DOMAIN” AGAINST SUKUNA’S DOMAIN!!! Yuji notices that Sukuna’s domain is incomplete & there’s some loophole, so he can endure it

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Narrator reveals that Sukuna can’t maintain this high level domain for a long time & also cannot capture Maki, who has no CE, within his domain

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SUKUNA’S MALEVOLENT SHRINE WILL COLLAPSE AFTER 99 SECONDS!! Yuji, Maki, Ino, Choso tries to endure the rampage

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