My Hero Academia Chapter 420 Raw Full

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Page 1:begins with Aizawa, Mic and Kurogiri on an island. Mic is holding Kurogiri by the shirt and telling him to wake up already. He says that Shirakumo’s corpse shouldn’t have been violated like that and is about to punch Kurogiri while his eyes get teary

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Page 2: Aizawa points out that he’s crying and Mic says he doesn’t cry, since he’s a man. But Aizawa says he was talking about Kurogiri. Mic tells him that’s impossible, since he’s a Noumu. It must just be the raindrops

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Page 3: Mic says that aizawa shouldn’t expect another miracle like the one that happened at Tartarus. They’re 31 years old, no longer 2nd years at U.A.

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Page 4: Aizawa says that Shirakumo died while he was a student. Besides, there must be a reason why he saved them both from dying.

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Page 5: The mist increases in size and Kurogiri says “Yamada…”. Mic starts to cry even more and says that memories never die. Cut to Tsukauchi in the control room and Aizawa asks him if Monoma can still fight

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Page 6: He says Monoma can’t, because he hit his head and is unconscious. Aizawa then asks how many people can still fight. Cuts to Aizawa arriving at the underground shelter and telling Ectoplasm that they’re now able to use Kurogiri’s portals

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Page 7: He says he doesn’t know how long Kurogiri will work, so he needs to gather as many heroes as possible in the shortest possible time. Death Arms volunteers to go fight and so does another hero. It’s none other than Astro, from Barrage!!!

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Page 8: Cut to Takoba and we see Gashly fighting Sero, Sato, 13 and other heroes.

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Page 9: All seems lost, but suddenly Tokage, Kamakiri, Ectoplasm and other heroes arrive through the portals. “Phase 3 of the Divide and Conquer operation: start”

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Page 10: Cut to the present; Aizawa asks how long it’s been since Deku lost his arms. Deku says he doesn’t really know, since it all happened in the mental world. Deku says that in UA he could feel Shigaraki rebelling inside AFO, but not anymore. Whats going on?

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Page 11: we see a flashback of Eri giving her horn to Aizawa. She knows she can’t go to the battle, so she wants at least her horn get there.

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Page 12: Aizawa asks how she did that and Eri replies that Ectoplasm helped her cut it. Ectoplasm apologizes, but says that Eri learned from Aizawa.

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Page 13: Cut back to the present and Aizawa pierces Deku with Eri’s horn. Ectoplasm says that she didn’t have much energy, so it should take 2-3 minutes for him to heal. Aizawa says that Deku can’t die until he hears Eri singing.

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Page 14&15: The chapter ends with Mineta, Kaminari, Shoji, Momo, Kouda and other heroes coming out of the portals. They say they’re exhausted, but the fact that Midoriya is doing his best makes their bodies move on their own. End of chapter; break next week

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