Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 254 Full Raw Update

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Chap begins with Kusakabe using “New Shadow Style Simple Domain: Evening Moon Sword Drawing” Sukuna recognises the technique but he wonders why Kusakabe is using it against him who can send slashes flying

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As Sukuna sends slashes, Kusakabe brushes them off with his Katana. He thinks, “Inside this domain, my cursed energy output is amplified and Sukuna’s technique will get weaker”

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Kusakabe can add a fully automatic system which makes him able to attack whatever that enters his domain. Even Sukuna praises Kusakabe, saying that his reflexes aren’t bad

Kusakabe has been dealing with Sukuna’s slashes by reading his “sparks” of cursed energy, motion & just pure institution. And his domain further eases that work

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But just as he was boasting his technique on surviving slashes by reading Sukuna’s motion n all, Kusakabe is suddenly hit with another set of slashes which he barely dodges. He realises that Sukuna activated his CT with 0 motion!!

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We once again have an interview type flashback where everyone’s praising Kusakabe Nanami calls him an expert swordsman with wide verity of techniques Mei Mei says Kusakabe is an useful man who can apply himself to any given situation

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Kusakabe senses that Sukuna is about expand the target of his CT to use World Cutting Slash & immediately expands the range of his Simple Domain. Even Sukuna is surprised by this!!

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Gege drew a chibi Gojo panel of him sucking up an ice-cream

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Mei says, usually when someone uses Sword Drawing, they lure their opponents in. But Kusakabe extends the range of his SD & gets the opponent inside the range. And he can attack whoever enters his domain automatically

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Double Spread of Kusakabe attacking Sukuna with a barrage of cuts

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Kusakabe’s Katana brakes after the numerous attack on Sukuna but he removes his overcoat & starts throwing hands He might be out of sword, but never out of options lol

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Kusakabe on Principal Yaga

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Gojo, Nanami & Mei says the number one reason why they recommend Kusakabe as the Strongest Grade-1 Sorcerer is cuz he’s “Super Kind” Kusakabe hits honoured one pose as he tells himself that he should stop thinking nonsense cuz the kids fought with their lives on line!!

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Kusakabe uses “Hazy Moon” technique from his New Shadow Style. It forms an aura which takes shape of the remaining part of his broken Katana

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Kusakabe rushes once again to attack but Sukuna grabs hold of the sword with just two fingers. Sukuna says, “You aimed for my heart where I’m already damaged huh. It’s so painfully obvious”

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Sukuna was waiting for Ui Ui to arrive as he sneaks up on him saying, “You are starting to get annoying”

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Just as Sukuna was about to kill Ui Ui, MIGUEL ARRIVES AT THE BATTLE SCENE & RESCUES UI UI INSTANTLY!!! When Sukuna says he doesn’t recognises him, Miguel goes, “You must live under a rock for not knowing who I am. These islanders need to sharpen their senses more”

Chap End Here

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