One Piece Episode 1111 Summary “The Awakening of the Ancient Robot”

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– Chapter title: “The Shield of the Sun”.
– Double Color Page: The Straw Hat Gang, Vegapunk, Bonnie, and the Bear are eating potato chips on top of a swarm of jellyfish. Vegapunk is inside a submarine robot, and Bonnie is in her true form (12 years old) and is eating potato chips with Nami and Chopper.
The chapter begins with St. Mars (a bird monster until when) breaking through the barrier of the “Labor Period” and invading the interior.
The battle between Zoro and Lucci is over. Lucci could not move, but refused to fall.
– Jinbei uses a new fishman karate move called “Gosen Maigawa Rashto” (5,000 Brick Shot) to blow Lucci away. He then took Zoro to meet the others.
– After the attack of Jinbei, Mars arrives at the place where Lucci is. Lucci is now slowly returning to his human form.
– Lucci reported everything he knew to Mars and said that Vegapunk’s message would start in 6 minutes. Mars praised Lucci and flew towards the institute.
Lucci asks Mars for a favor.
Lucci: “I just want you to save Kaku’s life…”
Mars: “Hmm… It might be difficult because you don’t pay attention to the insects you step on.”
– The scene changes, and Luffy is overjoyed by the appearance of Dory and Brogie.
– Dory and Brogie asked Luffy why he suddenly became the god-like figure known in the titan culture, but Luffy couldn’t understand what they were talking about.
– Sanji previously told Dory and Brogie to take Luffy to the depths of the island. You will see a map (chibi version) with the updated locations of all the characters on the island. Each group is heading to the ship of the Giant Pirates.
– Having found Luffy, Dory honks her horn and signals to all the titans on Egghead Island to retreat.
– The Warcury attack them with a roar and the supremacy of a powerful conqueror.
Warcury ‘s roar was so intense that Luffy’s eyes, hat, shirt, and even the scar on his chest were blown away (this scene was very funny). Broggy was shocked to see how Luffy was doing.
The Warcury s’ supremacy reached the naval battleships at sea, and some naval soldiers fainted.
The Warcury then turned her two fangs into blades and attacked Luffy.
– However, Dolly and Brogie used the “Svalinn” (Sun Shield – Sun Shield) to block the attack of the Warcury (the “Svalinn” is a legendary shield in Norse mythology that defended the world from the sun and its heat).
– Later, Dorry and Brogy used a technique called “Skiljah” (Split) together to fight off the Valkyries.
– Saturn attacks Dorryand Brogie and sprays them with poisonous balls. However, Luffy “transformed” his bat and hat to repel all poison balls.
– The poison ball causes a huge explosion and engulfs Saturn, Valkyrie, and Jew Peter. As the three of them began to recover, Luffy, Dorry, and Brogy ran.
Luffy: “They haven’t done any damage yet… They’re definitely immortal!!”
– Dory and Brogie: “Wow… We’re about this age, but I’ve never heard of a race that can do this.”
– And then there’s a scene where the whole group heads to the ship of the Giant Pirates.
– Bonnie’s group arrived first, but they realized that Vice Admirals Pomsky, the Guillotine and the Red King were waiting.
– Mars goes to the room where York is in the lab and asks where Vegapunk’s broadcast room is.
– The yellow monkey was still lying on the naval battleship, covering his eyes with his hands.
Navy soldier: “Mr. Kizaru!
– Yellow Monkey: “I’m sure I’m injured… Lie down and rest…”
– On the last page of this chapter, the Marines report that something has appeared on the northwest coast of Egghead Island.
– Navy soldier: “I have reported it!!
Something more than a giant has appeared on the island!!
– Currently, the ancient robot is standing in the middle of the island, surrounded by fire (it seems that there is no effect of fire). An ancient robot was muttering something …
– Ancient Robot: “I’m sorry… Joy Boy.”

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